October 2017 Village News

Summary of news from Stretton-on-Dunsmore Parish Council for October 2017. Further details and any related documents are available on the Parish Council Documents & Notices page.

Community Grants
The Parish Council have introduced a Small Grants Policy, so it can contribute to groups and organisations within Stretton-on-Dunsmore that benefit the community. The policy and application form is available here however if you would prefer a paper copy please contact the Clerk.

Bus Shelter Repairs
The bus shelter on Brookside is in need of some repairs to the brick work, guttering and roof. The Parish Council has received a full schedule of works and is in the process of obtaining quotes.

Football Team
A group of young men who live in or around the Stretton area have formed a team entitled ‘Princethorpe Football Club’, as most of the players were schooled at Princethorpe College. They will be using the pitch on the Fosse Way for this season and beginning works to renovate the pavilion. Fixtures will made available via the website soon!

We are very fortunate to live a village which has two wonderful pubs, a well-stocked shop with a post office, a beautiful village hall and a bus service. Many villages in the surrounding area no longer have a beating heart. Please make use of excellent amenities whenever you are able as we are very lucky to have them.

War Memorial
The Parish Council have arranged to have to War Memorial cleaned professionally in time for Remembrance Sunday 2017. It has also received communication from Highways England that vegetation on the island will be cut and tidied ready for November.

Development within Stretton
The consultation period on the Local Plan has ended, and despite strong opposition from Stretton (and other surrounding parish councils) on the grounds of traffic, infrastructure and flooding it has been passed, so we are very likely to see 75 new dwellings built within Stretton. The Local Plan has identified the locations for these new homes to be built in the field behind Squires Road (S16/065), and the area known as Little Orchard (S14/004) on Plott Lane.

Other sites were considered within Stretton by RBC but ultimately dismissed as unsuitable, including the land off Fosse Way (S16/018) which is currently being promoted by Rosconn. This land is not part of the Local Plan. The Parish Council have been in contact with the Principle Planner atRBC, who has stated that it is not an option to swap either S14/004 or S16/065 in favour of S16/018. The two sites identified within the Local Plan are the locations which will be developed, the land promoted by Rosconn would be in addition to those 75 dwellings should it get public support and planning permission.