A Note from the Flood Agency

The Parish Council have received an email from the Flood Risk Management Team. Please continue to report all flooding within our village directly to the Flood Risk Management Team including as much information as you can.

‘Following the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding event during the 14th and 15th November 2019, the Flood Risk Management team have begun the follow up work to investigate the reports made to us.

In total, we have received over 300 reports of flooding; of which 44 of those reports relate to internal flooding of properties across 20 locations mainly in the south of the county. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to these Warwickshire residents and we have personally visited as many as possible to begin both the investigation process into their flooding, and to offer any support that we can.

If you have contacted us recently regarding reports of flooding, please bear with us. Our investigation prioritisation has been adopted through our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and is summarised below:

  1. Flooding that poses a risk to life.
  2. Internal flooding of residential properties.
  3. Internal flooding of commercial properties.
  4. Flooding of critical infrastructure.
  5. Flooding that places vulnerable individuals or communities at risk. 

Please be assured that we will respond to any reports of flooding as soon as we can, following the prioritisation summarised above.

In the meantime, a similar response to this has gone out to all emails that have come in to the team reporting flooding which signposts residents to further information. The email also highlights the type of information that would be useful to send in to help us to update our records and to determine the priority of any further investigations. The following information can be useful to capture:

  • Photos (preferably with date and time)
  • Videos (preferably with date and time)
  • Locations (as specific as possible)
  • Flood depths (as specific as possible)
  • Source of flooding if known (river, surface water etc)
  • Timing (how long following rainfall does flooding occur)
  • Flood extents and sequencing (timeline of events of flooding)’

Kind regards,
Flood Risk Management
Tel. 01926 412982
Email: flooding@warwickshire.gov.uk

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