Knightlow reopens on 1st June

Knightlow reopens it’s doors today to children from Reception, year 1 & 6. They will of course be educating (as they have been for the last 12 weeks) the children of keyworkers as well. During the lockdown the Parish Council has supported the school with the delivery of hot meals (with the assistance of one particular volunteer – thanks Jackie!) as well as with the provision of gloves. Knightlow has in return permitted the use of their photocopier to produce leaflets and information for the public. The staff & governors are working hard to ensure parents can deliver their children to school as safely as possible with minimal disruption to residents.
This is a reminder that while the schools are now open (to a degree) the playgrounds are not. From today 6 people can meet in a public place or a private garden but they must maintain a 2 meter distance when doing this.
Stay safe and enjoy this sunny weather. If you spot the children, this morning or this afternoon please give them a friendly wave as they may find this first week back a daunting process (particularly the very little ones).