Restoration Works to Trees

A note from the Director of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

As part of the restoration works to the Lime Tree Memorial Avenue and Monument to the 29th Division on the A45, the trees underwent a PiCUS survey to assess for any internal decay that isn’t visible through a visual inspection. Unfortunately two trees on the roundabout were identified as having ‘Kretzschmaria deusta’. It causes a brittle rot inside the tree which can go undetected in visual assessments as lime trees typically have a lot of epicormic growth (new shoots coming from the base of the tree) that hides the fungus from view. Obviously, due to their proximity to the carriageway, it is not possible for these trees to remain in place due to the risk they pose to the passing traffic.
Both trees will now be felled by Kier after passing successful nesting and bat checks. They will then be replaced by two new lime trees. Kier will be watering these over the summer. Please be reassured that all of this is being done in agreement with RBC’s Tree Officer and is being carried out correctly so as not to cause harm to wildlife. The two new trees will help to ensure the longevity of the Avenue as we approach the centenary of it becoming a living memorial to those who fought in Gallipoli. Works will commence beginning 25th May 2020.