Development Approved at Squires Rd

Outline planning permission has been granted for the Land North of Squires Rd R17/1767 by RBC Planning Committee on 11th November. Despite the objections of the Parish Council and numerous residents, the application to build on that land (as identified with RBC Local Plan) has been approved. While the layout is only an outline and the details are yet to be determined, it is capped at 55 dwellings. There are further conditions on this approval relating to housing mix, landscaping and start times. A document listing these conditions will be released shortly by RBC.
While the Parish Council is disappointed with this outcome, it is not surprised. There is no date when construction will begin but the Parish Council will continue to work with the relevant authorities to try to ensure it is as smooth as possible. It will also be working to ensure that any Section 106 money is claimed and used appropriately to benefit the whole of the village. It will endeavour to keep the village informed of any further progression with this development.