Knightlow reopens on 1st June

Knightlow reopens it’s doors today to children from Reception, year 1 & 6. They will of course be educating (as they have been for the last 12 weeks) the children of keyworkers as well. During the lockdown the Parish Council has supported the school with the delivery of hot meals (with the assistance of one particular volunteer – thanks Jackie!) as well as with the provision of gloves. Knightlow has in return permitted the use of their photocopier to produce leaflets and information for the public. The staff & governors are working hard to ensure parents can deliver their children to school as safely as possible with minimal disruption to residents.
This is a reminder that while the schools are now open (to a degree) the playgrounds are not. From today 6 people can meet in a public place or a private garden but they must maintain a 2 meter distance when doing this.
Stay safe and enjoy this sunny weather. If you spot the children, this morning or this afternoon please give them a friendly wave as they may find this first week back a daunting process (particularly the very little ones).


Restoration Works to Trees

A note from the Director of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

As part of the restoration works to the Lime Tree Memorial Avenue and Monument to the 29th Division on the A45, the trees underwent a PiCUS survey to assess for any internal decay that isn’t visible through a visual inspection. Unfortunately two trees on the roundabout were identified as having ‘Kretzschmaria deusta’. It causes a brittle rot inside the tree which can go undetected in visual assessments as lime trees typically have a lot of epicormic growth (new shoots coming from the base of the tree) that hides the fungus from view. Obviously, due to their proximity to the carriageway, it is not possible for these trees to remain in place due to the risk they pose to the passing traffic.
Both trees will now be felled by Kier after passing successful nesting and bat checks. They will then be replaced by two new lime trees. Kier will be watering these over the summer. Please be reassured that all of this is being done in agreement with RBC’s Tree Officer and is being carried out correctly so as not to cause harm to wildlife. The two new trees will help to ensure the longevity of the Avenue as we approach the centenary of it becoming a living memorial to those who fought in Gallipoli. Works will commence beginning 25th May 2020.


Flatten the Curve!

The Parish Council encourages you to follow the government advice of staying at home wherever possible. If you choose to use the playground equipment or playing field you should take care to wash your hands and observe the 2m social distancing directive between families. Please could all parents ensure that their children (particularly older ones) are aware of virus control and discourage them from socialising in the playground or other common areas. Social Distancing- it’s not about you!Flatten the Curve

A Note from the Flood Agency

The Parish Council have received an email from the Flood Risk Management Team. Please continue to report all flooding within our village directly to the Flood Risk Management Team including as much information as you can.

‘Following the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding event during the 14th and 15th November 2019, the Flood Risk Management team have begun the follow up work to investigate the reports made to us.

In total, we have received over 300 reports of flooding; of which 44 of those reports relate to internal flooding of properties across 20 locations mainly in the south of the county. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to these Warwickshire residents and we have personally visited as many as possible to begin both the investigation process into their flooding, and to offer any support that we can.

If you have contacted us recently regarding reports of flooding, please bear with us. Our investigation prioritisation has been adopted through our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and is summarised below:

  1. Flooding that poses a risk to life.
  2. Internal flooding of residential properties.
  3. Internal flooding of commercial properties.
  4. Flooding of critical infrastructure.
  5. Flooding that places vulnerable individuals or communities at risk. 

Please be assured that we will respond to any reports of flooding as soon as we can, following the prioritisation summarised above.

In the meantime, a similar response to this has gone out to all emails that have come in to the team reporting flooding which signposts residents to further information. The email also highlights the type of information that would be useful to send in to help us to update our records and to determine the priority of any further investigations. The following information can be useful to capture:

  • Photos (preferably with date and time)
  • Videos (preferably with date and time)
  • Locations (as specific as possible)
  • Flood depths (as specific as possible)
  • Source of flooding if known (river, surface water etc)
  • Timing (how long following rainfall does flooding occur)
  • Flood extents and sequencing (timeline of events of flooding)’

Kind regards,
Flood Risk Management
Tel. 01926 412982

Christmas Bin Collections 2019

Christmas 2019 Bin Collections (from Rugby Borough Council)

There will be no green garden waste collections between Monday 23 December 2019 and Friday 3 January 2020 inclusive.
  • Black rubbish and blue-lid recycling collections due on Wednesday 25 December will be rescheduled to Saturday 21 December 2019.
  • Black rubbish and blue-lid recycling collections due on Thursday 26 December will be rescheduled to Saturday 28 December 2019.
  • Households that will be affected by these changes to the black rubbish and blue-lid recycling collections will have their bins tagged on their preceding collection.

Emergency Plan

The Parish Council have recently reviewed and updated the Emergency Plan document for Stretton. A digest of this plan, containing the pertinent information has been delivered to all homes within the village. Please retain this document as it holds useful contact details and advice for different types of emergencies. To download a copy of this document please click here.

em plan

Parking Restriction

The trees aligning the brook on the Village Green will be undergoing some maintenance works on Monday 11th November 2019. It is anticipated that this work will only take one day. During this time parking on the road directly under those trees will be restricted. Your cooperation in this matter will be very much appreciated. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.notice

Remembrance Sunday


Sunday 10th November 2019 – Remembrance Sunday

As is traditional, 1st Stretton-on-Dunsmore Scout Groups will parade through the village starting at Brookside Surgery on Sunday morning at 10.45am to All Saints Church, where a Remembrance Service will take place. Following this a short Act of Remembrance, led by Rev. David Shaw, in conjunction with the Parish Council, will take place at 12noon at the War Monument on the A45/Fosse Way traffic island.

Everyone is welcome at both events.