August 2017 Village News

Summary of news from Stretton-on-Dunsmore Parish Council for August 2017. Further details and any related documents are available on the Parish Council Documents & Notices page.

Community Speed Watch
Cllr Pam Rose has taken on the role of co-ordinating the Stretton & Princethorpe Community Speed Watch Team. Another traffic monitoring session has been arranged for the Fosse Way in July. The Parish Council wish to thank the volunteers and Police for their continued efforts to reduce the speed of vehicles traveling through our village.

The Parish Council has no jurisdiction over parking but again reminds residents and visitors to park considerately. You should not double park so an emergency vehicle cannot pass down the road nor should you park within 20 feet of a corner or junction. Reports of concerning parking or erratic driving should be made to the police via 101. Photographs and registration details are always helpful.

Basic First Aid Training
Working jointly with the First Responders, the Ambulance Service and the residents, the Parish Council has facilitated the installation of three Automated External Defibrillators (AED) within Stretton. The Parish Council is keen to invest further in the health and well-being of the village and is therefore considering running a Basic First Aid Course which will include an AED demonstration. A minimum of 12 volunteers is required to run the course, so if you are interested in receiving the training please contact the Clerk. The date and time of the course will be arranged based on the majority availability of the volunteers.

Allotment Space
There is currently one allotment plot for rental within the village. If you are interested in renting this plot please contact Cllr Simmonds on 02476 542350 or the clerk.

Grass Verges
The Parish Council are very aware that parts of our village are looking rather disheveled, these are the areas which RBC have responsibility for maintaining. The Parish Council have complained directly to RBC, and copied in Cllr Howard Roberts. RBC should be cutting the grass verges 7 times between April and October but they have clearly fallen behind despite receiving complaints from The Parish Council, residents and County Councillors. In the short-term the Parish Council will ask the handyman to rake up the dried cuttings in the affected areas to make it look more presentable. Thank you to the community spirited residents who have already starting doing that! In the longer-term the Parish Council are looking into the feasibility of topping up the cuts or even taking overall responsibility for all the grass verges currently maintained by RBC. These options must be considered more fully and in conjunction with the Parish financial forecast.

Unfortunately our hard-working village Handyman, Mark Cooper, was taken ill recently and admitted to hospital. He has asked his son, Nick, to pick up some of his work in the short-term but please bear with us for the next few weeks. The Parish Council have sent their best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mark!

RBC Local Plan & Development
The consultation period on the Local Plan has ended, and despite strong opposition from Stretton (and other surrounding parish councils) on the grounds of traffic, infrastructure and flooding it has been passed, so we are very likely to see 75 new dwellings built within Stretton. The Local Plan has identified the locations for these new homes to be built in the field behind Squires Rd (S16/065), and the area known as Little Orchard (S14/004) on Plott Lane. Other sites were considered within Stretton by RBC but ultimately dismissed as unsuitable, including the land off Fosse Way (S16/018) which is currently being promoted by Rosconn. This land is not part of the Local Plan.

The Parish Council have been in contact with the Principle Planner at RBC, who has stated that it is not an option to swap either S14/004 or S16/065 in favour of S16/018. The two sites identified within the Local Plan are the locations which will be developed, the land promoted by Rosconn would be in addition to those 75 dwellings should it get public support and planning permission. Further advice from the Principle Planner and Cllr Howards is that by implementing the Local Plan, and releasing the sections of greenbelt at sites S14/004 & S16/065, it will stop any further development within Stretton on other greenbelt sites. Based on this it appears unlikely that Rosconn will be successful in any planning applications for site S16/018. The Parish Council will ensure that it is kept abreast of further developments regarding the Local Plan and planning applications.

June 2017 Village News

Summary of notices and news from Stretton-on-Dunsmore Parish Council for June 2017. Further details and documents concerning some of the points mentioned below are available on the Parish Council Documents & Notices page or on the village Events page.

Roadworks & Road Closures
The B4455 Fosse Way will be closed for re-surfacing between 12th-26th June 2017 near to the memorial Island. The entrance to Meadow close will also be affected and there will be limited access to properties on these roads between 9.00am and 3.00pm.

Community Speed Watch
Some of the volunteers have gone out for their first session with the Police Speed Gun on Fosse Way. While they didn’t capture the details of any speeding vehicles they did have a dramatic impact on the traffic travelling through the village for the period they were there. Lots of drivers spotted the trap therefore reducing their speed to pass through the village, which is of course the desired effect.

Doorstep Crime
PCSO Kamila Shilton has been in contact with the Parish Council to make it aware of the recent spate of distraction burglaries taking place in the surrounding villages. She has asked all residents to be vigilant and report (by dialling 101 in non-emergency) any concerning or suspicious activity or visitors.

Also please be aware that there a few security companies who are high pressure doorstep selling and cold calling people in the Warwickshire area trying to sell them house alarms. The companies are legitimate but they are not working with or endorsed by the Police, as they have claimed.

Warwickshire County Council has announced that Public Bus services 539 & 580 will be changing from Monday 5th September 2017, they have published revised timetables and are inviting comments from members of the public.

Coventry Airport is considering redefined flight paths and has drawn up proposals in consultation with a wide range of aviation users to take account of their varied needs. They are now consulting formally on the proposals.

Parish Council Annual General Meeting
Thanks to all the villagers who attended the Parish Social and AGM on 8th May 2017. The Parish Social gave the Parish Councillors an opportunity to engage with members of the village on an informal level while enjoying a drink and a few nibbles. The AGM followed this event, during which Cllr John Simmonds shared his Chairman’s report for the last twelve months. The Parish Council would like to extend its thanks to Vicky Deasley, Chair of Knightlow Governing Body, Rev Ali Massey, on behalf of All Saints Church and Mike Cooper, Chairman of the Village Hall Trustees Board, all of whom delivered very informative reports on their organisations.

The Parish Council would like to welcome Cllr Paul Gordon as its Chair for the forthcoming twelve months and to extend its warmest thanks to Cllr John Simmonds for the past twelve months. John has been chair for a number of years and remains an integral part of the Parish Council. His experience, professional contacts and local knowledge is highly valued and the council would like to pay tribute to the many years of service as a Councillor whilst looking forward to many more. Next meeting is Monday 12th June at 7.30pm in Knighlow School.

Village Fete
Don’t forget, the annual Village Fete takes place on Saturday 17th June, start time is 2.30pm.

Knightlow Primary School
The children are hosting a stories4schools book launch event at the school from 9.30am-11.00am on Friday 16th June.

Coming up: Duck Race – Saturday 6th May

Duck Race preparations have been underway to get Stretton’s brook running well for this years Annual Charity Duck Race. A team supporting the 1st Stretton-on-Dunsmore Scout Group, which organizes the event, have been clearing muck and weeds from the short stretch of the brook in the village centre.

duck prep.jpg

Splash off is 4pm on Saturday 6th May, but other events will be taking place before hand with children’s face-painting, tattoos and a BBQ running at the Oak and Black Dog. Tickets can be bought in advance from the Brookside Stores or on the green prior to the race – there’s over 30 prizes including £100 cash for the first duck past the post!

New Village Website Launched

Stretton-on-Dunsmore Parish Council have created a new website. The site, launched in May 2017, aims to make it easier to find out about the village itself, events and activities going on. It also enables up-to-date information from the Parish Council as well as other organisations to be easily accessible for all.

The highly graphical design of the site showcases many magnificent views from around the village which have been provided by residents. The new site is also optimized for cross-platform viewing so works well on PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.